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We Need A Moon Shot To Propel Women Into Computer Science Careers
If the United States has any chance at bridging the wide gender gap in computer science, we will need an Apollo-like effort starting with a push from President Obama and solid support from Congress, the tech community and educators. … Read News

Kasich Wants Career Centers To Go Younger
Students as young as 12 could begin training at career and technical centers under a plan Gov. John Kasich hopes will keep kids interested in school while readying them for jobs. “Some of the most-advanced training I’ve seen anywhere is in our career centers,” Kasich said during his State of the State address last week. … Read News

Even When Obama Tinkers At The Edges Of Racism It Results In Misunderstanding And Anger
President Obama announced on Thursday a new initiative called "My Brother's Keeper" to help black and Hispanic young men succeed in America. Small-scale, on-the-margins things like this are really all Obama can do on the intractable racial disparities in America, because people love to imagine that those disparities don't exist. In short, Obama is creating a task force to figure out how to … Read News