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More College Adjuncts See Strength In Union Numbers
Adjunct faculty members, considered the working poor of academia, are increasingly turning to the Service Employees International Union to gain higher pay and a semblance of benefits. … Read News

Workers Want Protections In Hospital Mergers
HARTFORD — The General Assembly should not allow the state’s nonprofit hospitals to be converted to for-profit entities without taking steps to ensure safe nurse-to-patient ratios, preserve the jobs of support workers, and protect employee pensions, union officials say. … Read News

How Teenage Behavior Predicts The Future Of Technology
Studying teenage behavior to learn about the future of anything might initially strike you as somewhat crazy. One important category where teenage behavior acts as a leading indicator for the national trends is social media. The archetypal social network, Facebook, started as an online yearbook for teenagers and young twentysomethings at Ivy League universities. But the very things that … Read News