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Washington Ranks 7th In Energy Efficiency Among U.S. Cities
America's most populous cities haven't been holding their breath while waiting for a bipartisan energy-efficiency bill currently stuck in the Senate. Those cities include the nation's capital, which ranks seventh in energy efficiency, according to a new scorecard from the nonprofit American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy.The rankings measure a city's success by its energy-efficiency … Read News

Jackson Furniture Expands In Tennessee, Mississippi
A furniture manufacturer headquartered in Cleveland, Tenn., has added 50 new jobs in Cleveland and is opening two new plants in Mississippi to meet growing demand. … Read News

Wells Fargo To Cut Over 1,800 Jobs In Mortgage Business
Wells Fargo to Cut Over 1,800 Jobs in Mortgage Business … Read News

Jobs For America #1: Cat's Love Tribbles! – YouTube
How do we put America Back to Work? By creating bold new industries with bold new ideas which may sound crazy at first, but which could in time rescue America from The Tea … View Video

Jobs In America – SKILLS GAP – YouTube
Sign in with your Google Account (YouTube, Google+, Gmail, Orkut, Picasa, or Chrome) to add provonutt 's video to your playlist. … View Video Job Searching – Where Have All The Jobs Gone?
Since 2001, America has lost millions of private-sector jobs. Long-term unemployment at its highest level in many years. Where have all the jobs gone? Overseas, in many cases. In addition to cutting jobs to increase profitability, companies are looking overseas to save money in labor costs. … Read Article

Agriculture In The United States – Wikipedia, The Free …
Children can also gain permits from vocational training schools or the 4-H club which allow them to do jobs they would otherwise not be permitted to do. many of them recent immigrants from Latin America or aliens working under work permits. … Read Article

Slavery In The United States – Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Slavery in the United States for this article refers to the legal institution that existed in the United States of America in the 18th and 19th centuries. … Read Article

Why There Are No Jobs In America – Chuck Missler – YouTube
In this segment, Chuck Missler discusses why there are no jobs in America. This segment comes from the "Storm Warning" briefing pack recorded in 2011 and published by Koinonia … View Video

History Of The Jews In The United States – Wikipedia, The …
The history of the Jews in the United States (United States of America), has been part of the American national fabric since colonial times. Until the 1830s the Jewish community of Charleston, South Carolina was the most populous in North America. … Read Article