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Chhoda Reveals New Rules That Every Therapist Should Know To Lead Their Practice Into A Good Profitability
Practitioners are the main people responsible for leading the company and demonstrating by example how the practice is to operate. Nitin Chhoda, a physical therapist and international marketing expert, recently released three new rules for practice owners to assist them in leading their practice toward a successful future. (PRWeb October 24, 2013) Read the full story at … Read News

PVHC Officials:billing Issues Still A Problem
It’s not a good sign when an organization’s chief financial officer must preface her monthly financial report with statements such as, “There are many obvious problems with this report. Note that the balance sheet is out of balance. The cash flow statement is wrong. We have three different cash numbers; they should all be the same We do not have explanations at this time.” But that’s … Read News