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MTV2's "Jobs That Don't Suck" Gives Millennials A Real-World Look At Finding Their Dream Job
If entrepreneurs are the new rock stars and millennials are all about the side hustle, MTV2's Jobs that Don't Suck is a glimpse into a new "real world" of dream jobs. Andrew Schulz can now add milking poisonous snakes and getting a colonic to his resume. But the affable comedian, a regular on MTV2 programs like Guy Code isn't looking for a new gig. He's offering a glimpse into Jobs That Don't … Read News

Creative Leisure Can Enhance Work Performance
Good news for those who like to spend their free time participating in activities that encourage creativity: Researchers believe that can boost job performance. Creative pursuits away from work seem to have a direct effect on factors such as creative problem solving and helping others while on the job, said Kevin Eschleman, Ph.D., an assistant […] … Read News

Got A Hobby? Might Be A Smart Professional Move
Workers who have a creative outlet outside the office are more likely to be creative problem solvers on the job, a study suggests. Oh, and they have more fun. … Read News