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Ken Kavanaugh Has Been Working On The Region's Pipe Organs For Decades
As Easter approaches and business heats up, Ken Kavanaugh keeps doing what he's always done — making sure that on Sunday morning or Wednesday night or any other time a worship service gets going, a church is filled with a pleasing sound. Read more … Read News

LGH-Tufts Union Maintains Local Control, Boosts Power To Face Industry Challenges
Lowell General Hospital found itself among a shrinking minority of hospitals still standing alone when CEO Normand Deschene made a phone call to a familiar ally last fall. … Read News

Arnett Smithson: Leaving Too Many Students Behind
Not long ago, something happened to a student of mine which confused and frustrated him, his parents and me. Sadly, I think that it reflects on the state of education in California and in the nation. … Read News