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Family Values Vs. Innovation?: A Friendly "Debate" With Nobel Prize Winner Edmund Phelps
Mass Flourishing: How Grassroots Innovation Created Jobs, Challenge, and Change by Columbia University economics professor, Edmund Phelps, is an important book filled with brilliant insights. Any reasonably sophisticated and open-minded reader will benefit from reading it. But on a point or two, I found myself skeptical, or at least wondering whether I’d misunderstood the author’s intent. One … Read News

Can Unemployment Be Eradicated By Rethinking Jobs?
With U.S unemployment still near 7%,  jobs and the economy are top of mind for many of us.   Despite all the effort and money pumped into creating jobs, the consensus is that results have been mediocre at best.   But what if part of the the issue behind sustained unemployment lies in the traditional lens we use when we define jobs?    What if a ‘job’ as we know it looks (and will look … Read News

Lantigua Signed Away Paving Work Warranty
LAWRENCE — So anxious was former Mayor William Lantigua to fill potholes and pave streets in the weeks leading up to November's election that he waived off warnings from a contractor that it was too late in the year to do the work and released it fr … Read News